KSS Singathon

A Singathon is pure fun. You set up choir risers in the middle of the food court in a mall, put up a couple tables to connect with the public, get some forms for donations, draws, and dedications and then just sing all your favourite pieces for four hours!

See more photos from the Singathon in our Gallery!

In this endeavor we were aided and abetted admirably by six illustrious Guest Conductors—City Councilors Gina Barber, Matt Brown, Judy Bryant and Jim Swan and pop musicians Gina Farrugia and Yuri Pool. They bravely grabbed a “baton” – fly swatter, fairy wand, or rubber chicken, you name it – and worked their magic, leading the choir enthusiastically in the Hallelujah Chorus, Imagine, a medley of Motown hits and others.

Because a Singathon is a fundraiser, anyone can conduct the choir for a donation of $10. Several came forward to try their hand, but two very special conductors were Tobias, age 5, and Mari, age 4, who solemnly gave the donation and courageously stood in front of 30 towering adults, brilliantly directing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Mary (ahem, Mari) Had a Little Lamb. I’d better look out for my job!

Along with special conductors were the song Dedications, which kept pouring in! For $5 you could dedicate a song to your favourite person and the choir would sing it with gusto!

A favourite part of the afternoon was the sing-a-long. Half the mall raised their voices in Cabaret, Edelweiss, This Land Is Your Land and other popular songs. Did they want to stop? No way! When you sing, you feel good.

A more enjoyable way to promote our choir, raise necessary funds and share our music with anyone and everyone is hard to imagine. The good will generated from this wonderful event will spread positive energy for a long time to come.

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