The Excitement of a New Season

We begin with our vocal warm-ups. The voices sound rested, yet a little out of shape. By concert time they will be as an athlete in top form. The many tiny muscles involved in the singing process will be ready to perform at their peak and deliver the thrilling sound of the many being one.

There is something fresh and exciting about the start of a new season. Everyone comes back rested and ready for another season of musical discovery and concert creation.

Me, I can’t wait to share and teach the new repertoire for our first concert. I know the choir will absolutely love it. The pieces will transport them to places in their soul they cannot reach on their own. They know it, too. That’s why they’re there. That’s why they come out every week to sing in choir. They miss it after a summer away and are glad to be back.

We sing through parts of most of the music to give the choir a sense of the beauty in store for them and for the audience. Nods and murmurs of appreciation. They like it. They scoop up the music to go home. They’re ready to dig in.

Another season begins. Here we go! Sing joy!

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