Group Tickets

balcony view of the Karen Schuessler Singers choir

KSS concerts are beautiful, thrilling and transformative.
Host your next group event with us and save on tickets!

A group consists of 8 or more people – 10% discount on all tickets

Flexible payment plans available for groups of 16 or more

Not sure what your final group size will be? No problem! For groups of 16 or more, we do require a 50% deposit on tickets at the time of reservation. Tell us how many people you think you are expecting, pay the deposit on this number, and we will hold the other half of your tickets until one month prior to your concert. At that time, you can purchase all, some (or none) of your remaining tickets.

Call 519-455-8895 or email to reserve your group booking today!

To see the concert venue seating chart, click here.