Our Donors

The Karen Schuessler Singers is pleased to recognize and thank the individuals who generously provide vital resources necessary to sustain our uniquely innovative choral music experiences, helping KSS to Sing Joy.

The following list represents donors who have contributed $50 or more as of June 2019.

Conductor’s Circle $500+

John & Shirley Clifford
Karen Ann Schuessler & Harry MacLean
Kevin & Vivienne Wardle

Benefactor $200 to $349

Charlotte Ann Bell
Genet B. Hodder
May McAllister
Cathy & Bill Slaa

Supporter $50 to $199

Sandra MacKenzie & Bruce A Brillinger
Jen Campbell
Gordon Clarke
André & Carol Côté
Karen Crowe
Patrick Delmore
Margaret Gould
Bruce Halliday
Raymond Hotham
Ruth Hughes
Paul & Dee Dee Ingram
Karen L. Jagoe
Doug McCabe
William M. McFall
Marilynne McNeil
Paul & Beverly Mills (in memory of Tom Siess)
Paul Mullen
Janet P. Murray
Dorothy Panabaker
Jen Paterson
Judy Searay
Sandy Sershall
Allan Smith
Irla Stewart
Richard Yake
Richard Young
Anonymous (4)