London loves KSS

Audience applauding at KSS concert

2019 Testimonials

I was impressed with your soft singing in unity. I could hear your whispers in unison found it most moving. I know in a choir how easily it is to vocally increase the loudness & tension but was amazed at your soft singing and what a special effect it had on everyone. Thank you for the excellent presentation and tribute.
– Margaret Edmondson, London

I love coming to KSS concerts. The music is always beautiful, soulful, uplifting and inspiring!
– Steve Hardy, London

I love the concerts. Exceptionally well done! – Maxine Morrison, London

Thank you KSS for the extraordinary gifts over the years
– Sandy Bell-Cameron, London

I come whenever I am in town with family and friends!
– Jean Ann Ledwell, St. John’s, NFLD

Lovely to hear your choir for the first time
– Ruth Taylor, London

Always a spectacular experience
– Chrys Skikos, London

Always restorative
– Gayle Guau, London

Thanks for the excellent program notes – much appreciated
– Eleanor German, London

Beautiful. Professional in every way! Informational about contents & how the music came about. Great artists. Super Trooper very enjoyable. Ladies so smooth in Wondrous Love. What a giftedness.
– Roos de Bakker, Wallaceburg

Wonderful! Great end to your “Silver” Year!
– Virginia Ford, London

The concerts have been fantastic – next season 2018-2019 I plan to purchase Season Tickets. Have a Nice Summer
– Judy Searay, Shedden

An awesome choir!
– Inge Stahl, London