Volunteer with KSS

Become a member of our wonderful team of volunteers!

Giving your time and sharing your passion for choral music by volunteering is an invaluable expression of support for the Karen Schuessler Singers family. Without our wonderful volunteers, KSS would not be the great organization it is today. We thank our volunteers for their commitment!

As a non-profit organization, KSS thrives on volunteer support of all kinds.

We are forever grateful for your support and time. Thank you!


At every concert, our volunteers are essential to ensuring that our audiences have a wonderful experience. Our house staff greets our audience members at the door, ushers people to their seats and staffs our boutique.

Do you have experience running spotlights or sound systems?

There are always jobs for enthusiastic people to be a part of our stage crew. During some concerts, we need to have equipment moved for our guest musicians. As KSS has grown, so has our setup. After each concert, you can be a part of the crew that takes down the setup and all the equipment, and stores it away.

Every fall, we have a fun evening preparing our annual brochure mailing. During the season, our volunteers help us put together other smaller mailings, and distribute our posters and flyers.

Throughout the season our special events team needs more hands-on-deck at occasions such as receptions after concerts, our annual Singathon, and other special events to provide behind-the-scenes logistical assistance. This provides invaluable help to ensure the success of events that are vital to fostering engagement with our supporters.

For more information on how you can become involved with one of London’s premier concert choirs, please call 519-681-8129 or send a message using the form to the right.