Why Support KSS


Whether it is to support live musical experience for the betterment of the London community or to maintain the important resources needed to produce exciting concerts, your tax-deductible gift will impact thousands and help secure the dynamic future of the Karen Schuessler Singers.


In its most recent seasons, the Karen Schuessler Singers (KSS) has been riding a wave of performance triumphs that are now creating new opportunities for organizational growth. As a result, Artistic Director Karen Schuessler has embarked upon an exciting five-year plan containing several bold initiatives intended to challenge preconceptions and stereotypes about choral music and help to nurture the next generation of choral music lovers. At its core, Karen’s plan is about redefining the choral experience and imagining new ways to engage the community and bring more people to the choral art form than ever before. To accomplish this, Karen is focusing on three ambitious and important goals:

1. Immersive Concert Experiences
The Karen Schuessler Singers is rightly renowned for its high-quality and innovative performances. Karen’s first goal is to build on this success and deepen the audience’s engagement with the music that the choir performs. As she prepares each concert, Karen will reimagine traditional choral performance models and look at every aspect of the choir’s interface with the audience to determine where immersive elements such as multimedia, special audio, costumes and audience participation might be incorporated. Going forward, she will also collaborate with community stakeholders, artists and other musicians to enhance the overall choral concert experience—for existing patrons and for a new generation of audience.

2. Big Sings
Engaging the wider London community in new and meaningful ways is Karen’s second priority, to broaden the choir’s reach and impact. To achieve this, KSS will offer large, participatory community singalong events called Big Sings. Ideally, Big Sings will happen in large-capacity spaces, enabling the choir to increase the number of people it can serve by several hundred at each event. In Big Sings, audience engagement will switch from passive observation to active participation. Karen’s hope is that initiatives like these, offered beyond the choir’s formal concert format, will help invigorate the choral art form in London and solidify the choir’s relevance to the greater community.

3. Recording and Media
Finally, Karen is committed to renewing the choir’s focus on sharing its gifts beyond the walls of its formal concert venue through increased recording and media activity. Such activity is critical to preserving the choir’s standard-setting performances of creative concerts expressing the human condition, solidifying the choir’s profile and influence nationally and globally, and promoting the music about which Karen and the choir care so deeply.


Karen has the advantage of having time and space in which to develop these initiatives and also to nurture artistic collaborations that might require longer time frames to bring them to fruition. For audience members, the reward will be substantial, bringing them more of the intensely rich musical experiences they have come to expect from the Karen Schuessler Singers.

The choir, its staff and its Board of Directors have all dedicated themselves to Karen’s vision, but they cannot do it alone. We are asking you to join the Karen Schuessler Singers in this exciting endeavor by making your tax-deductible contribution today.