Special Projects

  • Big Sing London – October 13, 2018

    Join Song Leader JOEL MABUS and your friends for a great night of singing!

    It’s not a concert, it’s a Sing! Big Sing London is an event where a couple hundred people get together to just sing for the joy of it for an hour or more. No skill is necessary, and no one will hear you because everyone is singing. People have a need for community, to come together and engage in activity that feeds the spirit. What better activity to do that than by singing together? Besides, it’s proven that singing makes us feel better!

    We’ll sing songs of all kinds—songs that people have sung for generations. Songs that unite us. Fun songs. Simple songs. Inspiring songs that we can just sing out and not worry if we’re singing too loud—because we’ll all be singing loud! Word sheets will make it easy to join in.

    Joel Mabus, a well-known folksinger from Michigan, will be our Song Leader. Joel is passionate about the power of community singing and the right of every person to be able to sing. Come on out—it’s a great night!

    DATE: Saturday, October 13, 2018, 7:30 PM.

    TICKETS: No tickets. Freewill donation only to cover expenses.

    LOCATION: St. Peter’s Auditorium near St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica, 533 Clarence St, in London. Free parking lot available.



    WEBSITE: www.joelmabus.com

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  • Pollinator Pathways Project

    Pollinator Pathways Project

    KSS has a long-standing commitment to community engagement.

    To honour the performance of Missa Gaia/Earth Mass for our 25th anniversary, the choir has chosen to sponsor a new initiative in our city, the Pollinator Pathways Project (PPP). Dedicated to the development of a healthy and sustainable food source, PPP is encouraging people to plant a 1m x 1m garden of plants that attract pollinators, which are animals that pollinate over 90% of all flowering plants, and include hummingbirds, butterflies, moths, bees, flies, and other insects.

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