Where: Centre Court, Cherryhill Mall, 301 Oxford Street West, London, ON

When: Saturday, February 1, 2020. 12:30pm to 3:30pm.

Sharing our voice in the community is what KSS is all about. Our community-inspired fundraiser—the Singathon—does exactly that. At this kick-up-our-heels choral event, we sing for you the songs you loved from the past few concerts and other tried and true favourites, all conducted by hilarious guest conductors of all ages and abilities.

You can be one! Opportunities to conduct or dedicate a song abound in this fun-filled afternoon.

KSS Singathon 2020

Why are your donations important?

KSS Singathon - Saturday, Feb. 1 12:30 - 3:30 pm at Cherryhill VillageMallKSS endeavours to present to you the very best in choral music that is both entertaining and fulfilling. To accomplish our goal, significant financial resources are needed to ensure that our concerts are of the highest quality for your enjoyment.

Over half of our annual budget is spent on artistic salaries and fees. We engage the services of our outstanding Artistic Director, Karen Schuessler, and marvelous accompanist, Grace Yip. Additional professional soloists and musicians are utilized to bring you the innovative and varied programming for which KSS has become noted. In addition, there’s the cost of our music scores. While we utilize as many avenues of free advertising as possible, there are still significant marketing costs for a performing arts organization such as KSS.

Ticket sales are always the most significant portion of our revenues and we do receive some funding from the City of London and several corporate sponsors, and donations from individuals who are members of “Friends of KSS’. However, as we strive to keep our ticket prices affordable, the choir members organize our annual Singathon to raise the additional funds we need to continue performing the very best of choral music in London.

Plan to join us at Cherryhill Mall for a fun-filled afternoon of song!

Donations of $10 or more receive a tax receipt and a chance to win one of several draws!

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